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Casares on the Costa del Sol Casares is set inland away from the coast in-between Estepona and Sotogrande, a 10 minute drive away from the N-340 turn-off. The nearest golf course is 'La Duquesa' others include: Estepona, La Canada, Sotogrande, and Montemayor. The world famous Valderrama course is a short drive away also.

Casares is known as a town filled with the most stupendous views on the Costa! So if you visit this town then you’re sure in for a treat.

Located just past Estepona on the Km. 147 exit, the road to Casares soon alerts the tourist to the particular beauty of this area.

On the way up the mountain you will pass the wind farm, as well as acres of farmland devoted to the production of wine. The local co-operatives in this area deliver their products to local shops and you can find some of the freshest produce on the Coast in these small and charming outlets. They are always very liberal with their free samples, so it's easy for the customer to decide which type of goats' cheese, sherry or wine to buy.

When you reach the town of Casares you will instantly notice the most prominent monument in the town, the medieval castle that sits perched at the top of the hill on a small plateau. It's well preserved and was the spot where the Duke of Arcos accepted the surrender of the Moors. As with many other regions of the Coast, this location has seen many visitors over the centuries.

As well as being a highly popular type of lemonade in southern Spain, the name Casares also belongs to the town that is the birthplace of Blas Infante, one of the region's most important heroes. Blas Infante was born in 1885 and was very much concerned with the improvement of Andalucía, especially the poverty of the working classes. He dedicated his life to teaching others about the history and culture of the province and was fundamental to the process of securing Andalucía's place as an autonomous region. Although his campaigns were cut short during the Spanish Civil War, his groundwork paved the way for Andalucía to receive its status as autonomous and self-governing. A statue of Blas Infante stands in the town.

The Romans also settled here and the fertile river basin at the bottom of Casares was once the site of Roman baths and a mint. A famous story holds that while Julius Caesar was here he bathed in the local alkaline waters, which cured his skin infection. The sulphur is certainly strong smelling, but the healing properties of these waters are well known and even today bathers come from far and wide to enjoy the mineral-rich liquid.

The town itself is small and relatively unspoilt. It doesn't take long to walk around, although a lot of the streets are narrow, deceptively long and don't seem to go anywhere in particular. If you want to get to the castle at the top of the hill with its 435-metre lookout point over the Mediterranean, then you will have to put in some effort, although the view from the top is more than worth it, especially if you have a camera.

As with all places rich in history Casares is not without its own local recipes and cuisine. In common with most inland villages the majority of popular meat is game and one especially popular local dish is wild rabbit cooked in thyme with a rosemary and laurel sauce. Sopa de Casares (Casares soup) is also a favourite.

The sports that are available in this area are characteristic of a mountainous area and the hills around the town provide suitable conditions for paragliding, trekking and climbing.

The town's fiestas are on the first fortnight of August and in the month of May. The fiesta for the Patron Saint of the Village, La Virgen del Rosario, is celebrated in the first week of September.

All in all Casares is one of those peaceful little towns full of culture and history that manages to please its visitors with no other amenities than a few restaurants and bars. It is definitely not suitable for visitors interested in nightlife or shopping, but a must for those who are interested in the cultural flavour of Spain.
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